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Frequently Asked Questions

Here we try to answer some of the questions that we hear regularly about coming to, and staying at, our condo.

Q: Is the island going to be crowded during my stay?
A: Grand Cayman is a "developed" island and, as such, gets a lot of visitors. One of the major advantages of our location is that it is far away from the normal crowds. It is your choice whether to sample those areas. The southern part of Seven Mile Beach can be crowded during the high season, but the rest of the 5.5 mile-long beach feels very exclusive. This especially applies to the northernmost part of the beach, closest to us.  The condo complex itself is mostly residental and, as such, doesn't usually get too busy.

Q: What about the cruise ships?
A: Grand Cayman is a popular port-of-call for cruises. But there are only a few locations that get most of their business: Tiki Beach and the Royal Palms on Seven Mile Beach, the Turtle Farm, Rum Point and downtown Georgetown. If you're interested in avoiding the crowds, it's best to steer clear of those areas from late morning to mid-afternoon on days when there are cruise ships in port. You can easily check what is in port on each day by using the Ship Schedules, published by the Cayman Islands Port Authority.

Q: What about crime on the island? Am I safe to travel about?  What about walking?
A: Grand Cayman is one of the safer of the developed Caribbean islands. While crime is everywhere, and normal safety precautions are recommended (don't leave valuables in plain sight, etc.), it is very safe to drive anywhere on the island. Depending on where you live, Grand Cayman may have less crime than your hometown.  Walking in the area around the condo complex is typical of this.

Q: I keep hearing that the island is expensive. Is this true?
A: Being an island with very few natural resources, nearly everything has to be imported. Energy costs on the island are very high, too. The only form of taxation that residents pay is an import tax. You will probably pay more than you pay at home for food, drink, gas, etc. It's the price you pay for being on such a great island. Take a look at the grocery store while shopping, find the items that you find most reasonable and use them, rather than what you may be used to at home (which may be more difficult to import and thus far more expensive). Staying in a condo with a full kitchen like ours helps you keep the costs down by allowing you to prepare many of your meals at "home", rather than eating out.

Q: How can people contact us during our stay?
A: We provide a pay-as-you-go cellphone for your use during your stay with us. Incoming calls are free (but may have the caller paying international charges). The number is in our welcome booklet, and we can provide it in advance when you book with us so that you can let people know.  Our WiFi in the condo is excellent for applications like Skype, Hangouts and Facetime.  The only thing that we ask is that if you use the phone to make calls, you top it up before you leave.  We provide details of how to do this in the welcome booklet.

Q: Do you have a beach? How is the water entry?
A: The site is located on a rock called "ironshore", which means that the shoreline is protected from erosion. We have a small man-made beach, which is good for sunning and enjoying cocktails at sunset, but there is no direct water-entry from the beach.  Instead there is a paved path across the ironshore to a ladder where you can enter the water for swimming, snorkelling or SCUBA diving.  Sometimes the area under the ladder can have sea urchins, so we strongly recommend using water shoes.

Q: What if something isn't working when we arrive?
A: Our on-site manager is available to get things up and running as quickly as possible. Please let him know, as soon as you can, of anything that doesn't appear to be right (contact information is in the information packet in the living room).

Q: What can I expect inside the condo in terms of supplies?
A: We instruct our cleaning staff to leave one set of toilet paper, and paper towels in the bathroom and kitchen, but we expect you to buy anything more than you need for your stay.  We do not provide soap, laundry soap or dishwashing soap.

Q: Is the kitchen stocked with condiments?
A: No. We rely on our guests to leave items such as salt, pepper and cooking oils for our next guests. We have been asked if we could stock coffee, filters, etc., but everyone's needs are different. Please see the next question if you need certain things to be there on your arrival.

Q: Can I get groceries delivered to the condo before we arrive?
A: There are two companies that, for a fee, will deliver groceries to our condo before you arrive. That way, you don't have to make grocery shopping your first stop on vacation. Check out Cayman Shoppers and BKM. We have not personally used either, but have heard good reviews of both.  They will contact our site manage rprior to your arrival and unpack the groceries, placing items in fridge or freezer as appopriate.

Q: Am I going to find Wi-Fi while I am out and about on the island?
A: Many restaurants and businesses have free Wi-Fi, and the whole of the Camana Bay development has it. We have even found it at the A.L.Thompson Hardware store!

Q: Can I rent vacation equipment anywhere?
A: In addition to what our site manager offers, Empty Suitcases is a company that will rent kayaks, body boards, lounge floats, extra Pack and Plays, high chairs, car seats, beach toys, baby monitors, beach umbrellas, beach chairs and a whole lot more to vacationing visitors. They will deliver to our condo on the evening of your arrival, and pick up the morning of your departure. There is no delivery fee on orders over $100.

Q: How does the a/c work?
A: The condo has two completely separate air conditioning units. One is for the ground floor living area, the other for the bedrooms.  Both are controlled with NEST intelligent thermostats, which will detect whether the condo is occupied and adjust the coolling as appropriate.  We do have a minimum temperature set which should be adequate for most needs.  If you have a special need to have the temperature lowered further, please let us know and we can adjust remotely.  Electricity costs on the island are extremely high, so we do our bnest to control the costs.

Q: Recycling
A: The Coconut Bay condo complex now provides a recycling service for glass, plastic, papaer and cans. The bins are at the end of our parking lot.