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Island Dining

Grand Cayman boasts some of the best restaurants in the Caribbean. As we are "foodies" this was one of the two major things that attracted us to this island, and kept us coming back (the other being SCUBA diving). There is a wide variety of dining experiences on the island, and you will have plenty of options to find things that are within your taste and budget.  The best place to research what fits your fancy (warning - it will probably make you hungry) is the Cayman Good Taste website. They have restaurant listings, along with the all-important menus so that you can plan your meals. and maps so that you can locate each place.

Add to this our fully-equipped kitchen, farmers' market and nearby grocery store, and you have plenty of choice as to whether you want to try it yourself or be pampered.


Our local bar, Macabuca, offers a really nice setting for a casual dinner or lunch. The food style of bar food with a Caribbean flair.  Monday nights they have an "all you want to eat" Caribbean barbecue.

A relatively new addition to the scene is Craft Food and Beverage Company on West Bay road, opposite the Marriott.  They have a great selection of beers (probably the best selection on the island) and wines and their menu is typical gastrobpub fare.

Local Style Casual Dining

Our most local casual dining place would the Heritage Kitchen, located just off the four-way stop in West Bay.  They offer a fresh fish fry, fritters and fish tea.

The West Bay Diner offers an all-day breakfast, lucnch and dinner.

More towards George Town, the down-home Caribbean fare of Welly's Cool Spot is most definitely a "local secret".  Many dishes here that the locals have eaten for years.

Cimboco offers local food and pizza cooked in a brick oven.

Finaly, there is the excellent wood-roasted chicken at Chicken! Chicken! where you can watch the chicken roasting while you order.

Mid-Range Dining

It is very hard to single out a few in this category, since there are so very many on the island. Here are some that we like, but we are always adding mroe to our list...

Karoo, located in Camana Bay, provides small plates and designer cocktails.

Ragazzi, located on West Bay Road behind Seven Mile Beach, features european style italian food, and interesting alternative perspect to those used to the North American version.

Tiki Beach, directly on Seven Mile Beach, is a beach-front location for dinner.  This is easily the best-located restaurant on the island, in our opinion.  We do not recommend this for lunch, though, as it is a popular destination with the cruise ship visitors, who leave mid-afternoon.  For us this would be our best-value romantic dinner spot.

Michael's Genuine is an off-shoot of a Miami restaurant.  It is located in Camana Bay and features some great cocktails and interesting menu items.

Upscale Dining

Another well-represented category on the island.

The Grand Old House, is waterfront dining on a deck by a stately Caribbean Plantation Great House, built in 1908.  It is south of George Town,

Blue by Eric Ripert, in the Ritz Carlton Hotel on West Bay Road, feaurtues local seafood prepared in new and innovative ways by the master chef and his staff.

Osetra Bay is a locally owned restaurant providing a high-end dining experience, located in Morgan's Harbour

Traditional Caymanian Food

There are quite a few ways to try the local food, which predates supermarkets and freezers. It is focused on things that could be caught locally, or preserved easily.

Turtle, usually made into Turtle Stew, is Cayman's national dish. It is for this reason that the Turtle Farm exists on the island. A few locations on the island still have it on their menu, but you should be able to try it at the Turtle Farm.

Fish Rundown is fish cooked in coconut milk with peppers, pumpkin, plantain, onions, dumplings and "breadkind" (which are starchy vegetables). Visit the Heritage Kitchen in West Bay (on Boggy Sand Road) to sample this traditional way of cooking fish.

Conch is very common in a lot of the restaurants on the island. Most commonly seen are Conch Fritters, Conch Stew and Conch Cevice.

Cayman Beef is a slow-cooked simple dish, usually served with rice.

Cayman Lobster is made by frying small pieces of lobster in butter with sweet peppers, onions and scotch bonnet. Note that Caribbean lobster is very different from the cold-water lobster than most non-Caribbean folks are used to.

Jerk Stands are places dotted around the island where you can get traditional Cayman jerk.  Names like Seymour's and Woods have been around for years.  Use your favourite search engine to find locations and recommendations.

Sunset Dinner Trips

We have tried out two dinner trips that involve sunset boat rides that we can recommend.  The Barefoot Beach BBQ is held every Tuesday night at the Kaibo Beach Restaurant, which is in the Rum Point area of the island.  The boat leaves from a dock at Camana Bay (by the fountains), sails across the sound with great views of the sunset, across to Kaibo Downstairs, where they have an "all you want to eat" Carribbean-style barbecue, often with drinks specials.  There is also live music during dinner, and a dance party on the beach afterwards, before the boat takes you back. There is a single price for the boat ride and bbq (or a lower price for just the bbq, if you want to make your own way there).

The second trip is scheduled to run every night from Safehaven Dock across the sound to the Rum Point Club for dinner.  You order off the quite large Carribbean menu there.  The boat trip is on a Red Sails Sports Catamaran, which has a cash bar on board for cocktails and oither drinks.  The trip back lying in the webbing at the front of the boat was a major treat for us.  The boat ride is $5 per person - you pay for what you order off the menu.

In both cases reservations are required - details are on the linked pages.